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For the last time ever we brought back two of our logos in enamel pin forum! These will be officially retired with a brand new logo coming for inn 2023.  While I've loved the myspace and other logo it's time we give the brand a new improved look! 

As many of you know Pincore is a small business ran by one person. Since 99% of our drops are with artists we have to pay a lot of high percentages to make these collaborations happen (rightfully so!). With the logo I don't have to pay anyone & my original plan was to use these pins to help fund my wedding in February. I've decided to instead release half of these for $3 because our supporters have been truly amazing the past two years. The $3 is the exact costs of the pins with the shopify store factored inn. The ones that are normal price will be directly going towards my wedding instead.

I'll be honest a few of these colors didn't come out the coolest... I ran a few of these to try some sample colors for future band coloring ideas. A few of these I really did like (cough..flying dutchman) and a few I didn't really like at all! I wish I had slightly better color options but it's too late now. If you find a color you like...awesome, if not we'll have some hot new logos incoming very soon! 

Disclaimer.. I do have a few variants saved for 2023 to match a few band pins. Those will be saved till it's respective date. Those are part of this run just releasing at a different date! 


Thanks again.. cheeers!